Hello friends! As promised I am alternating my weekly blog posts between decorating and photography. Since it’s photography week, I thought it would be fun to show you the photography challenge winning photos from my FaceBook Group called “Self Isolating at Home Cellphone Challenge”. If you want to participate just click HERE.

If you are unfamiliar with the group, it is a fun group activity where I post photography challenges that can done inside one’s house or yard, while we are all on lock down. The winners of each challenge are chosen by the previous challenge winners. I’m so glad I decided to stay out of the judging because the photos have gotten better and better as the weeks go on. The judges have a really challenging job!

Check out these creative photography challenge winning photos!

1. Create a pattern using something you have in your home

Photos of patterns

Clockwise from top right: Linda Merrill, Michelle Krick, Melisa Blanchard

This challenge a few weeks back was one of my favorites to date. The photo submissions were so creative and unique. You can see the winners put so much thought and time into creating them. I found it interesting that all three photos chosen as a winner had a solid black background that made the image pop. Who would have guessed that knives, crackers and buttons could create such amazing imagery?

2. Self portrait expressing your feelings during lock down

photo portrait winners

Clockwise from top left: Christine Morrison Kohut, Beau Stinnette, Shelley Smith Hobson

I posted these portraits in a blog post a couple weeks ago. If you want to read how each photographer created their image you can read this post. “Photo techniques; How did they do that”?

3. Show us your favorite pair of shoes

winning photos of shoes

Counter clockwise from top left: Casey Timmins Timm, Jeri Cerutti, Donna Shaeffer

I love that each of these photographers all did something so different. The only instruction I gave was to photograph shoes. One photographer chose to create a scene in nature with her boots. Another styled her wedding shoes on a black background as a flat lay. The third photographer created a story referencing the crying woman in the painting since she can’t go out in her new shoes.

The lesson here is to always think outside the box when photographing a common object. All three of these photographers dug deeper than just a simple “point and shoot” image of their shoes.

4. Post a photo of a reflection

winning images of a reflection

Clockwise from upper left: Tracey Huddle, Rene Costabile, Allyson Paris

Similar to the shoe assignment, each photographer interpreted “reflection” in a totally different way. One used a shinny spoon, one chose an art piece made up of tiny mirrors and one found a sky reflection right outside her back door.

5. Photograph your hand

Winning photos of hands

Counter clockwise from upper left: Dolly Jo, Lindsay Cottrell, Will Downs

“Photograph your hand” was one of the very first assignments I was given my first week of photography school. It sounds easy enough but to get a more interesting image than just “a hand”, all three of these photographers stretched themselves. This was also a milestone challenge because all three winners were from overseas.

6. Create a photo using only items from your junk drawer

#winning photos using junk drawer items

Counter clockwise from upper right: Tracey Huddle, Donna Hargrove, Shelley Smith Hobson

Besides the great images, this challenge was fun because we all got to see what everyone else keeps in their junk drawer. The result? No matter where in the world one lives we all have similar “junk” in our junk drawer. Charging cables, tape, tools and measuring tapes made the top five!

7. Post a styled photo of your favorite beverage

winning images of drinks

Clockwise Upper from right: Will Downs, Katherine Waters Clark, Stacey Gertner

The most fun about this challenge was discovering we are all doing a lot of drinking during this lock down! The photos were posted with recipes so it was doubly fun!

8. Create a photo using something you have owned since childhood

childhood treasures

Clockwise from top left: Elaine Gabel Buttacavoli, Dolly Joe, Dani Sanfilippo Burchman

This challenge featured Barbies, stuffed animals, figurines, cereal rewards, and other treasures. One thing these childhood items all have in common is that most have little monetary value but priceless sentimental value. Along with the photos, most shared beautiful stories about how long they have owned the object and why it means so much to them. This particular challenge was a peek into everyone’s past, and for sure, one of the most difficult to judge.

It’s always interesting for me to see which photos the judges chose. Sometimes there is overlap but other times the judges have completely different images they feel strongly about. In that case, they choose up to three honorable mentions. I’ll be sure to feature those equally great images in an upcoming photography post.

The two things I do ask the judges to take into account when narrowing down their selections, is that the image be in focus and that the photo is well lite. Composition is whole other story, as often times with the just a simple tweak the composition could be improved. I think I will write my next photography post with composition tips.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little recap of the photography challenge winning photos. Again, if you are interested in joining this non stress, fun FaceBook group just click HERE


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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