Hello friends! I hope you are all healthy and hanging in there. Some of you are in States that will be opening soon. I am located just outside of Boston. It is currently a “hot spot”, so it’s going to be several more weeks before we reopen. The quarantine for me has been a series of ups and downs. I do my best to stay positive but the cold and dreary New England weather has been depressing in itself. It’s hard not be envious of my warm climate friends who post photos on social media of themselves enjoying their beautiful outside living space. I have never been so desperate to have the warm weather come to Boston. Since I have come to the conclusion that we might be more or less at home for months, I find myself looking at our small outside living space in a whole new light.

Why invest in an outside living space?

Up until now, my husband and I haven’t felt the desire or need to create anything special on our small back patio. We invested so much decorating the inside of our condo that we didn’t want to spend much, if anything, on the small patio. Often, when the weather is nice, we’re not at home anyways.

This year though is different. I am seeing our small brick patio from a whole new perspective. I see it as a safe haven. If we are still stuck at home into the summer, then I would much rather be sitting outside in the backyard than spending more time inside. The problem is, it is not inviting in it’s current state.

The space now

Our patio is a small 14′ x 14′ brick area just outside the back door of our condo. All we have currently are four wrought iron chairs from Stori Modern (that I used in my One Room Challenge at the Boston Design Center), a small gas grill and a large cantilever umbrella. There is no table and no seating to lounge or relax with a drink and a book. All that is about to change though since our small brick patio is most likely where will be spending our Summer vacation.

In talking it over with my husband we made a wish list of what we would want out there. We need a table to eat at, a lounge chair, a two seater sofa and an outdoor console table to hold drinks, food and plants.

The Plan

This is the plan I came up with. It’s everything we need to enjoy our outside living space. The umbrella, which is currently in the bottom right corner of my plan will stay in it’s current location. It’s one of those large cantilever umbrellas. When fully open it protects most of the patio from the hot sun. I plan to hide the not very attractive base with a potted plant.

small patio furniture plan

small patio furniture plan

To make the space feel even more inviting, I plan to add a small outdoor rug, lots of container plants and some outdoor pillows. I’m actually getting excited thinking about it. Since I like the existing chairs, I will get the matching small dining table also from Stori Modern.

The furniture 

For the two seater sofa, lounge chair, outside console and side tables I looked to Seasonal Living. You might remember that our condo was featured in their Spring online magazine. Truth be told, I wasn’t all that knowledgeable about their products before then. Once I did a little research though I was so impressed. I love their modern, sleek look and since we have no off season storage space, their durable furniture can remain outside all year long. I also like that I can choose my own fabric for the sofa and lounge chair. I found a very pretty dark green that I want for the lounge chair. I will go with off white for the sofa.

furniture for small patio space

Even though I don’t relish the idea of spending the whole Summer at home, at least we will have a comfortable and pretty place to hang out. Now I just need to figure out how to work out there..right?

Product Links

Small black dining table: Stori Modern

Perpetual Teak Sumatra console table: Seasonal Living 

Archipelago Antilles Dream Lounge chair: Seasonal Living

Kakaban 2 seater sofa: Seasonal Living 

Etna ‘c’ small side table: Seasonal Living

Outdoor Nomad rug: Overstock

Outside Pillows: Frontgate

Ceramic black and white time stool: Seasonal Living

Stay safe everyone and if you want help creating your own outside sanctuary reach out. I can create one for you too!

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