What a week it’s been. My blog is not political yet I honestly struggled if I should even post this week. I want to show respect and acknowledge the unrest and pain all around us, but I don’t want to do or say the wrong thing. So I decided that instead of focusing on words, I would post uplifting, inspiring photos from Covid-19 that were posted in my FB group “isolating at home cellphone photo challenge”. If you don’t know about this FB group you can check it out and join HERE. I started the group at the beginning of the lock down as a fun way to keep the creativity alive while we all isolate at home. It continues to be a source of joy and inspiration even though the lock down is now over.

Each week I post a new challenge and the “winners” are selected by the previous weeks winners. It’s all in good fun and no one is a professional photographer so it is not an intimidating group. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the inspiring photos from Covid-19 taken during the lockdown.


This challenge was to create a photo using shadows. Dani chose to add a 3 dimensional prop onto her shadow. Stacey created an abstract from her window shutters casting a shadow on her drapes. Suzanne created a shadow bike that looks as realistic as if if was a black bike laying on the ground.

Clockwise: Dani Sanfilippo Burchman, Stacey Gertner Tarleton, Suzanne Norman


During one of my darkest weeks during the lock down I asked the group to lift me up by posting inspiring photos of nature. They met the challenge beautifully! Nature is such a source of hope and renewal and all three of these winning photos embody that.

photos of nature

clockwise: Jill Hosking-Cartland, Michelle Krick, Saz Lennon

Make your own sunshine

This challenge was suggested from a group member and called, “create your own sunshine”. The challenge was to createva sun using only items found in the home. The creativity of this challenge was some of the best photos to date.

photo challenge: Make your own sunshine

clockwise: Gina Ray Arledge, Peggy Hamman Oberlin, Laurie Hamilton

Create a photo using your favorite item of clothing or accessory

A bracelet, the wrist detail of a glove and a favorite skirt all became the subject of beautiful images.

photo challenge: create a photo from an item of clothing or accessory

clockwise: Linda Schoeppler, Rene Costabile, Dolly Jo


Create a photo shooting UP

This challenge was all about changing up the perspective by taking a photo shooting up. Again, everyone submitted such creative and inspiring photos. An upward view of a refrigerator shelf, the side of a garden shed and a ground level view of a dog all became interesting angles for a photo.

Counterclockwise: Christine Morrison Kohut, Stacey Gertner Tarlton, Faith Gertner

Create a photo using water as the subject

Three different perspectives of water and three amazing images.

winning photos of water

clockwise: Susan Lindsey, Regina Sturrock, Rene Costabile


 A self photo reflecting how you are feeling as the stay at home orders begin to ease

One of the very first challenges in the early days of the lock down was to create a self portrait expressing how feelings. You can see those images HERE. I repeated the self portrait challenge as the lock down was ending. It was interesting to see the different self portraits taken only weeks apart.

All three of these winners posted very personal emotions. That’s what makes them such strong images. Dani, kissing the family portrait was missing her husband who was in the hospital fighting Covid-19 at the time of the challenge. Thankfully he recovered but this image will be a part of her family history for years to come. Dolly posted  “mother nature is talking…let’s listen” and Kimberly wondered if it was safe to look yet. All powerful images and all reflecting such a historic event.

self portraits during Covid-19 lockdown

Counterclockwise: Dolly Jo, Kimberly Kirk, Dani Sanfilippo-Burchman

Create a photo using a common everyday object

Since the parameters of the FB group is to photograph something inside or just outside the home, this challenge was to create a photo using a common everyday object. We often tend to not “see” things we touch or use everyday. By making them the focus of the photo we saw some very creative images.

photo challenge: use an everyday object to create a photo

Counter clockwise: Donna Sheaffer, Helene Kain, Peggy Hamman Oberlin

Post a photo of something you see on your daily walk

Since members of the group are located all over the world it was fun to see photos of what people were seeing while out on their daily walks. Whether city, country or backyard garden, there were lot’s of stunning images to look at.

photo challenge: photograph something from your daily walk

Clockwise: Marlana Kain, Susan Serra, Judith Scola

Create a painting without using any paint but using common household items

This challenge has been one of my favorites to date. The creativity of almost all the submissions were outstanding. These three winners met the challenge and created three pieces of art. I love everyone of them

counterclockwise: Dolly Jo, Saz Lomon, Dani Sanfilippo Burchman

I hope you enjoyed a review of the winning images. I want to remind you that anyone is welcome to join. Its a fun and supportive group and all you need is a cellphone and a desire to create a photo. Here is the link once again, Isolating at home cellphone photo challenge.

Below is a PIn for you if you’d like to save these inspiring images from Covid-19.


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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