Hello friends! I hope you are all continuing to be smart and staying safe now that all the States have opened. As I write this post, MA has just started phase two. I was finally able to get my hair done (yeah!) but I have not done much else. During the stay at home order, I had a lot of time to reflect on what I want my business to look like going forward. I realize one thing I have always loved are design/decorating consults. Being able to help someone find a solution, sometimes after months of struggling on their own is so rewarding. I honestly think my consults are where I bring some of my best value. For this reason I have decided to offer two new virtual decorating consulting services.

I have a brand new website coming out within the next few weeks that will highlight both of these new serves. In the meantime, I am excited to tell you about them. My two new virtual decorating consulting services are “ask me anything” and a two hour virtual consult.

“Ask me anything”

My new “ask me anything” service is a one hour virtual phone call. As the name says, you can ask me anything. It is a budget friendly way to tap into my design expertise and get your questions answered. I’ve done several of these calls during the lock down and received excellent feedback. Below is an example of a recent “ask me anything” virtual design call.

A few weeks into the lock down I received a call from Jan. Jan was working from home, and with no extra unused room, she had set up in the dining room. Her kids were using the kitchen table for homeschooling and she liked that there was a direct view from the dining room into the kitchen.The problem was, since the kids had taken over the kitchen table the family was eating in the dining room. Jan was spending too much time reorganizing all her many client folders and cleaning up each evening only to have to set up all over again the next morning.

woman working at dining table

Jan’s problem

During our “ask me anything” call, Jan asked me to help her get more organized. Together, via screen sharing, we shopped online and found some colorful stacking trays. Jan now keeps each individual client folder in a separate colored tray. At the end of the day, she stacks her trays, switching from work table to dinner table in only seconds. Jan also needed a more comfortable office chair since her current dining chairs were not meant for all day sitting. The kitchen was also getting cluttered and Jan liked this small storage cart for the kid’s school supplies.

For daily Zoom calls, Jan needed complete quiet so the dining room was not working out. Upon questioning, she told me she had a small writing desk in the basement. I recommended Jan move the desk to the master bedroom and place it in front of a large window. The lighting would be good and her bedroom (with door closed) would give her the privacy she needed for her virtual calls. I also showed her how to upload a professional looking virtual background so her clients would not see her bed in the background.

After our call Jan emailed me to le me know everything was working out great.

Two hour virtual decorating consultation

A virtual decorating consultation is a safe and convenient way to address decorating one or more spaces in your home. The consultation begins before the call with an introductory email (from me) asking for 5-8 photos of your space. Along with the images I ask for a bullet list of the specific challenges that you would like help with. We then schedule a video call. After a short virtual tour, we get down to business. I will answer whatever decorating questions you have and make recommendations. 

If your needs require “behind the scenes” design work, the call is shortened and the consult is completed in in my studio. A final email or call will wrap everything up.

The investment for “ask me Anything” is $250.00

Below are two examples of recent virtual decorating consultations

New house decorating help

1. Kate and her husband had recently moved into a new home just before the pandemic. We had an in-person consult scheduled but then came the stay at home orders. Instead, we scheduled a Zoom call. Kate had already sent me the real estate photos so I had an idea of the spaces. A quick walk through virtually, brought the rooms to life. We spent the full two hours on the call. Going room by room I gave suggestions for wall colors, window treatments, and furniture placement. It was just as if I was there in person. Kate has already scheduled a second virtual call with me to help place some art work.

Final accessorizing help

2. After three weeks of being isolated at home, Leigh called me and said, “I can’t stand my house, It feels unfinished”. She had lived in her condo for over five years but did a lot of traveling for work so had put off the finishing touches. After seeing emailed photos of her space we scheduled a Zoom call. I asked her questions about her style, her likes and dislikes. I gave her recommendations of what I thought she needed to make her house feel more like a home. Together we made a master list of art work and accessories and she told me her budget. The remainder of the consult was spent offline as I sourced for items. I set up a shared Pinterest board and Pinned items that I thought she would like. I Pinned artwork, decorative pillows, a floor lamp, a rug and some small items for her bookcase. Leigh would leave feedback on the pins to help me narrow in on her tastes even more. I worked out great!

Below is a snippet of the Pinterest board I put together for her.

Client Pinterest board

  The following week we had a short follow up call to wrap up the consult. Leigh told me she planned to order everything and couldn’t wait to finally have a finished home.

The investment for a two hour virtual design consult is $497.00

I’m really excited about these new virtual offerings because now I am able help everyone, no matter where they located. If you are interested in my “ask me anything” call or my two hour virtual consult, you can reach me at:

linda@lindaholtcreative.com or call me at 617-965-3342

To save the info on my virtual services, click on the Pin below.

virtual decorating consult



Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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