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Collecting and Displaying Books..How Many Are Too Many?

One of my (many) passions is books. I have been collecting them since High School and I feel the same way about books as I do art; I couldn't be truly happy living without either. I think the easiest way to make a house a home is to surround yourself with books that...

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Testing Wall Color 101

When it comes time to paint, most of us start out at the same place; either the paint store or the paint department of one the big box stores. After looking over 100's of chips we decide on a few different possibilities and then come home to test them out (I certainly...

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Standard Post With Video

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My Camper Mocks Me

When I took my training to become a True Color Expert, one of the very first things our teacher, Maria Killam, taught us are the three most important principles about color. #1. Color is either LIGHT or DARK (also called value). #2. Color is either WARM ( Red, Yellow,...

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Through The Looking Glass

I spent a wonderful afternoon last week checking out American glass artist Dale Chihuly. The MFA in Boston is showcasing his work with a new show called Through The Looking Glass. I first saw Chihuly's amazing talent at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas several years...

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Why Starting a Blog is Like going to Your First Dance

When I first began writing a blog I quickly came to two conclusions. First, blogging takes up a huge amount of time (just like everyone said it would) and second, blogging is just like going to your first dance. For the longest time,  I thought about blogging but I...

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10 Things Buyers Don’t Care about (Part Two)

In my last post I highlighted items one through five of the 10 things buyers don't care about when they are looking to buy a house.  Here is the eagerly awaited  part two of my list (6-10) of things Buyer's Don't Care About.   6. Your family living situation. How...

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My List of 10 Things Buyers DON’T Care About (Part One)

Along with Color Consulting and Redesign, I do a fair amount of Home Staging. Today I would like to share my list (part one) of the 10 Things that Buyers DO NOT care about when buying a new home. The list is beyond cleaning and de-cluttering as I assume most sellers...

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Light Fixtures…Is Bigger Really Better?

I am not sure when the trend of Lights on Steroids actually began but if you are looking for new ( and current)  lighting, you don't have a lot of choice but to go big or go home.  "Super Size Me" home lighting has not only undergone a bigger is better design...

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Scoring Big At The Yard Sale

Last Saturday, while driving to my friend's surprise birthday party, I passed a big yard sale. Since  the party was being held an hour from my house, I left 45 minutes earlier than I needed to ( the thought being I would rather be 45 minutes early than one minute late...

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For the love of WHITE

Ever since I can remember, I have loved color. I mean I really love color. Show me a sassy RED, a cool TURQUOISE or a happy YELLOW and my heart starts racing. There is just something though about a pure, clean white that makes me stop and take pause. I think these...

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Project Makeover: Kathy’s Family Room/ Home Office

How often do you get to change someone's life.....I mean really change it ?  I have the honor of being involved with the most fabulous group of professionals who do just that. The group is called Project Makeover.  The group's mission is to offer a complete Makeover...

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Numero Uno!

Welcome to my first blog!! After spending the past two years as an avid blog reader and follower I decided it was time to take the plunge and start joining in on the fun. That, and the fact that I was tired of everyone around me asking “ do you blog??... You should...

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