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One Room Challenge Week Four: More pieces of the puzzle

Here we are now at One Room Challenge week four! My design plan for my pied-a-terre is finally S..L..O..W..L..Y  coming together. I secured more furniture this week from the Boston Design Center showrooms including a second sofa, a sideboard, a secretary desk, and two...

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Dwell on Design show highlights in photos

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to LA as a sponsored DesignHound courtesy of Modenus to attend the 2018 Dwell on Design trade show. This is a four day event that is meant to inspire architects and designers.The exhibition and conference feature the best in...

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One Room Challenge Week two: My pied-a-terre

Here we are at the One Room Challenge Week Two. This Spring the Boston Design Center is a sponsor of the ORC and I was honored to be asked to transform a space for them at the Innovation and Design Building. This large open loft space has a killer view of Boston but...

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One Room Challenge Spring 2018: Week One

It's here!  Week one of the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge. I am still on cloud nine after being chosen to be one of the twenty featured bloggers but now reality has set in. I have to transform a room in six short weeks!  Actually, it's only five weeks since the...

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Exciting news!! One Room Challenge Spring 2018

BIG BIG NEWS!!! For the past few weeks I have been carrying around a HUGE secret. Today I can finally shout it out. I am excited to share with you that I will be one of the twenty featured bloggers in the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge. In case you have not heard of...

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How to find the answer to all your design questions

If you are someone who enjoys decorating or are planning a renovation on your home, I have a a valuable tool to share with you today. I know it's a useful because I use it myself. If you are on Pinterest I invite you to "follow" my board called Design FYI. It's my...

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My favorite finds from the 2018 Kitchen and Bath show

Attending the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS) is like going to Disney Land for a designer. There is so much to see and take in that it can be downright overwhelming. If you work in the kitchen and bath industry it is absolutely worth attending. If you are a...

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COLOR Trends from the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Show

Hello lovely readers! I have just returned from the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS) in Orlando. This is my fourth year attending the show and I think this year's show was the best yet.There were so many exciting, innovative products and beautiful booth displays. Of...

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Taking time off and an announcement

Happy 2018! It's been a few weeks (okay, more than a few) since I have written a blog post. It would be a perfectly reasonable excuse if I told I you I was working like a mad woman completing multiple client installations before the holidays and was simply too busy....

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How to Personalize your home with art photography

It goes without saying, that I want my clients to have a beautifully designed home. It's also equally important to me to reflect my client's unique personality. Often times I look to accomplish this by re-purposing beloved family heirlooms, meaningful art work, or by...

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Five Tips for taking better travel photos

Remember the old joke about the dreaded invite over to see someone's travel photos? Well that scenario is gone now that we see instant updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There was a good reason though for that dreaded invite. The photos were usually boring!...

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Bar carts and table settings you do not want to miss!

Wow, the past two weeks have been a whirlwind for me. Nine days in Berlin, home, three hours sleep then off to the Boston Design Center for the next five days to install, style and participate in Boston's first Designer fundraiser for the charity Heading Home To...

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Jazzing up our white box apartment

If you've been following me through this blog you know that my husband and I recently downsized from our big suburban home to a very small urban apartment. It's hard to believe but we have been here almost four months now. For the most part we love our new small care...

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How to train your eye to take better photos

There is a common saying among photographers that the best technical skills in the world will not make a bad photo good. Getting a good photo is more than simply understanding the features of your camera and a knowledge of lighting, exposure, and editing. So the...

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Coastal Living Idea House: Blue and White all over

Last week I visited the Coastal Living Idea House in Newport RI to see the house that Mark did. Designer Mark D. Sikes that is. It was everything I could have imagined and it came as no surprise to hear that the house has been sold along with most of the furniture,...

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Coming clean about the ugly truth of downsizing

Now that we have gone through the process of downsizing from our big home into a small urban apartment it seems that's all anyone wants to talk about. All my baby boomer clients, anyone that follows my blog and all my friends tell me they are so impressed with what we...

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