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We might be crazy but we’re really doing this!

My husband and I, like almost every other baby boomer I know have been talking about downsizing. For the past three or four years we have wanted to unload our big house in the country/burbs and the responsibilities of cleaning, gardening and the maintenance that goes...

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The seven top trends at KBIS 2017 in photos

It's funny how everyone comes away from a big design show like KBIS (the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) with a different perspective and different thoughts on what is new or trending. I am a color lover so I obviously am going to be drawn to all the color I...

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What is HDR and when to use it

Ever wonder what that little HDR symbol means on the top of your camera screen? It stands for HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE which in simple terms is the ratio of light to dark in a photo. When you turn on the HDR it works to balance the highlights and shadows in the photo so...

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What are the new kitchen and bath trends for 2017?

Next week I will be in Orlando Florida attending the US luxury Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, or as the insiders call it, KBIS. For the past two years I was a sponsored guest at the show courtesy of Modenus and fabulous vendors such as Thermador, Mr. Steam, Top...

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Why I feel like Alice in Wonderland

January 2017 though feels different. Last year at this time I was just happy to be alive. This year I feel like I need to jump off the high board. I want to do something big and challenging and step out of my comfort zone in a big way. I’m just not exactly sure what it looks like. I can “feel it” but I can’t “see it”.

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Holiday cranberry squares and a tribute

This story actually began over thirty years ago, when I was a newlywed. My husband and I, for a reason I no longer remember decided to give up our convenient but very noisy apartment in Harvard Square and move to an idyllic little coastal town North of Boston called Ipswich.

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The new Domino book and a GIVEAWAY!

Back in 2005-2007 I was huge Domino junkie. Domino magazine came out about the same time I was starting to get serious about interior design. I was taking design classes at a local college and devouring every shelter magazine and design book I came across. I remember...

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Sometimes it’s the little things that have the most impact

You see my client is a passionate cook and she says waving her hand under the faucet to turn on the water is a dream. No more dirty, greasy handles and she loves the clean sleek modern look. The Beale faucet is new from American Standard and it’s the Selectronic hands-free sensor that allows you to operate the faucet without touching. It also easily changes to manual mode when desired with a sliding sensor door.

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My election day gift to lower your stress level

Let's face it, the 2016 election has been a nightmare. The animosity, hatred and immature bullying has reached a sad new low. The process has so divided and polarized our nation that many Americans, myself included, are stressed and worried about the future of our...

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Friday’s Photo: Is it wall art or wallpaper?

While visiting the London design shows in September, I discovered so many inspiring and innovative products. One product that caught my attention was this 3D art form from King Kong Design based in Barcelona Spain. King Kong Design merges traditional manual paper...

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Four fabric trends from the London design shows

As a decorator one of the things I like most about design is choosing fabric. I think most designers do because it's one of the fun parts of design. Fabrics can be the inspiration and starting point for the whole project. While I was in London with DesignHounds we...

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Fromental: High end couture for the walls

While in London with DesignHounds, I had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with Fromental wallpaper. In case you haven't heard of it, Fromental is pretty much the gold standard for exquisite, luxury wall paper.It is high end couture for the walls.  Hand...

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Antiquing Diva style with my iPhone.

Hi everyone! I'm back from my Design Hounds London trip. If you have been considering going on a Design Hound trip I would urge you to jump at the next chance. Veronika Miller and her team gave our group the experience of a lifetime. I have so much to share about all...

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Friday’s Photo: You HAVE to see this ceiling.

This past week I went with a friend to the Hampton Designer Show House  and made it just under the wire before it closes (Sunday if you're planning on going). I always love to visit a prominent show house because it's fun to see what the big name designers are doing...

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Is this new fabric trend fabulous or hideous?

Recently while in at the Design Center I saw another designer with her client flipping through the newly introduced fabrics. I heard the client say, "EWW... that is hideous, who on earth would want that in their house"? I was obviously curious what fabric had repulsed...

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Friday’s Photo: Sleeping with the family

One of my favorite things about going to High Point Market and visiting the different show rooms is seeing how the rooms are styled. The designers are so creative and I always see something unexpected and unique. Continuing last Friday's Photo theme of wall murals I...

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Friday’s Photo: Do you like this hot new trend?

I posted a photo on Instagram this week that got over a hundred likes. That photo as well as the one below, show one of the hottest new trends in design...murals. Wall murals are big, bold and a fun way to make a statement. I know it's not for everyone but if you have...

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Friday’s Photo: Look how wealthy I am!

What material possessions do you think of when you imagine great wealth? Luxury cars? Second (or third) homes? Designer clothing and jewelry? Fabulous art? I bet the one thing that doesn't come to mind is a dining room sideboard. Back in the 1850's the dining room...

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