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“As a former professional photographer I look at a room as if I’m looking through a camera lens. Scale, color, balance and light, it’s all about composition”.

HI! I am Linda Holt and I started my design business in 2011 after having worked for over 25 years as a professional photographer in Boston. My specialty was head shots and portfolios for actors and models but I also secretly harbored another passion. My weekends often were spent wandering through flea markets and antique stores, making window treatments, trying out a new wall color or painting a dated piece of furniture. As much as I loved running my photography business, chronic neck pain from twenty five years of lifting heavy DSLR cameras and equally heavy lights and equipment had taken it’s toll. I was told by a spinal specialist that It was time to put down the camera for good or I would soon be facing spinal surgery.

The universe works in strange ways and at the same time I was told to give up my career, the recession hit. It was clear that it was time to move on. In 2009 I closed my photography studio and went back to school to study my other life long passion, interior design.

In 2011 I opened Linda Holt Interiors which is now Linda Holt Creative. I also started my design blog called “Focus on Creativity” which at the time was simply a way to share my two loves of photography and design but has since opened up a world of friendship and opportunity for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have photography and design always been a passion?

I have been passionate about photography ever since I was given my first Kodak camera on my tenth birthday. I was constantly taking photos and even when I didn’t have my camera with me I was seeing the world as if I was looking through a camera lens. Another passion I had as a child was rearranging furniture and decorating my room. I wasn’t completely happy unless my environment was organized and pretty. I’m sure I drove my mother crazy with my ever changing room “themes”. Some of my favorites were the ski chalet, the Hawaiian hut, and the flower room which involved weeks of making dozens of crate paper flowers and sticking them all over my bedroom walls and ceiling.

Do you have a signature style?

If I had to sum my style up in a sentence I would say I like relaxed, livable and uncluttered interiors that are punched up with splashes of color and pattern. I like rooms that have a mix of high and low elements and most important, they should reflect the people who live there.

Does your photography influence your design?

One of my biggest sources of design inspiration is art and photography. If you look at my photos, they very much resemble my design style. My images are carefully edited and color, pattern and balance are a big part of the story. 

Hiring a design professional is expensive, it’s a luxury right?

In the design world, there is a saying “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur”-Red Adair-

It always breaks my heart to get called in after the homeowner has made a terrible costly mistake. Maybe they bought the wrong scaled furniture or chose clashing undertones in their new kitchen remodel. Or even worst, they went ahead and knocked down walls without really thinking it through. Hiring a designer can actually save money in the long term because it will be done right and in a timely manner.

Hiring an interior designer can be a luxury item but I have packages starting as low as $500. 

Do you have a specialty?

I would say color is something I am passionate about. I have spent a lot of time researching and studying color and I have earned three different Color Expert certifications.  Color affects our mood and research has shown that when we surround ourselves with colors that support our unique color preferences we feel happier.

How much do you charge?

When I started my business I knew there had to be a better way to charge after working with an interior designer on my own home many years ago. I still remember the stress I felt being in the dark about how many hours I would be billed each week and wondering how much the next bill would be. I have structured my business around packages of varying design help and costs. My intention is to offer design help for every budget.

I have design packages starting at $500 and up based on how much help is needed.

For my full service interior design projects I charge a fixed flat fee for my design service based on the square footage of the room and the scope of work to be preformed. Full service design starts at $4,000 per room. My clients like knowing upfront exactly what they are receiving for their investment in my services. The budget for furnishings, accessories and any work preformed by outside trades is separate from my design fee and my client and I work together to build a satisfactory budget.

What if I want to work with you but I have a small budget?

For those clients who have a smaller budget or project I offer several different value packages such as a Skype call, a two hour in home consult, or a Design Day.  Clients can also choose  to work in phases and tackle one or two rooms per year.  Not everything has to be done all at once.

How do you stay current on all that is happening in design?

I am continually honing my expertise through continuing education, travel, attending nation-wide industry events and net working with other design industry experts. I also research and write a weekly design blog and I am a regular contributor to Merrimack Valley Home Magazine sharing decorating tips and design trends.

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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