Calling all Interior Designers

and Home Stagers! Are you ready to elevate your brand with your own phone?


Join me, August 8th, 12 noon-3PM EDT for a LIVE Class, Interior Photography with the Smartphone 

Start using your phone to create magazine worthy photos


Interior Photography with the smartphone

Live master class









Own Your Copyright

Be your own professional photographer 

Increase Your Brand's Authority

How much is hiring another photographer costing you?


 Are you a new designer without the budget to hire a professional? 

Do you want photos for social media of the bedroom you just decorated, but it's not worth paying a professional for such a small job?

Are you tired of not owning the copyright to your OWN designs?

 Do you live in a part of the country where there aren't any interior photographers...and the wedding/portrait/real estate photographers you've hired have disappointed you?  

Join me LIVE (on Zoom), August 8th, 12 Noon-3 pm EST for Interior Photography with the Smartphone (iphone and Samsung users)

By the end of the class you will...

Gain confidence to shoot some or all of your own projects

Never worry about copyright infringement again when you take your own photos

Feel proud to post photos on social media that you took yourself


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As a designer myself, I understand how challenging it can be to capture stellar interior images with the smartphone

Hi! I'm Linda Holt

A photographer - turned interior designer - turned smartphone photography educator

After being told I could no longer use my heavy DSLR camera due to years of suffering with debilitating neck and back pain, I picked up the smartphone.

Even though I was an experienced professional photographer, my smartphone photos were TERRIBLE!

I looked everywhere for guidance without success. After months of practice and experimentation I finally cracked the code to get stellar smartphone photos that rivaled my previous DSLR photos....And now...

I created the course I WISH was available when I was trying to get professional looking photos using my smartphone 
I want to help you

Transform Your Smartphone Photography

And get GREAT results with

This Live zoom class on Interior Photography

I'M READY to get better photos
Kind words from designers

"Wow!! It made such a difference in my photography! And it wasn’t just about was also giving me different perspective on what and how to shoot to make the pictures more interesting."


Signature Home Services

"I loved this course! All the information was delivered in easy to understand bits that I have been able to apply right away. Thank you Linda!"


Allyson Paris Design

"Linda’s Smartphone photography course is a MUST for interior designers - worth every penny! She explains everything you need to know from camera features and settings to composition and editing in plain English with great examples. She is born to teach and extremely helpful with any questions you might have. I’ve learned so much."


JRL Interiors

What will the class cover? 

The class will cover the FIVE key steps for interior photography success


Set your phone up for success

  • Use your smartphone like a DSLR camera
  • Camera settings for success
  • Discover hidden features and their secret sauce


 Compose your photo

  • Learn the basic rules¬†for good composition
  • When to use One Point vs. Two Point composition and what that even means
  • Best practices¬†for getting those lines straight


Master the Lighting

  • Understand¬†the importance of scheduling your shoot for the best¬†lighting
  • Work with available light
  • Three ways¬†to photograph a dark room

Step #4

Checklist of what to shoot

  • The images to capture¬†of each room
  • The three types of images for social media and portfolio

Step #5

Edit with ease

  • The only two editing apps you'll need
  • Edit right on your phone
  • Simple edits to bring your images from stellar

Ending with...

Questions answered and review

  • Questions answered
  • Submit an interior photo for¬†feedback
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When it comes to promoting your design business with photos, you have two nothing and continue to get disappointing photos of your design work, or sign up for this class and take control of your photography!

Interior Photography with the Smartphone August 8th noon-3pm LIVE


Single Payment Only

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More Student Transformations

"My photos have improved 1000% after taking Linda’s class. She is brilliant."


Pamela Copeman Design Group

"Loved the course, Linda! The editing section was especially helpful for me. 


Designed with Carla Aston

"After Linda's course, I am now photographing all my own work and I am able to edit like a pro."



Lori Carpenter Designs

Take the class risk free!

If after attending the class you feel as if you learned nothing that will improve your photos, then send me an email. I will fully refund your investment. 


Interior Photography with the Smartphone August 8th noon-3pm LIVE


Single Payment Only

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