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From travel photography to social media postings and website photos, our photography aims to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression, ensuring only the best visuals stand out.

My goal is to help you master your smartphone camera and make lasting impressions.

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Interior Photography with the Smartphone



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Imagine no longer having to pay for a professional photographer or worrying about copyright infringement. Start by mastering the hidden features inside your smartphone camera to make magazine worthy photo.


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Super charge your photography skills with one on one coaching. Hire me to edit your photos, book me to speak at your conference or have me teach a topic specific smartphone class to your group.


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Hi there, I'm Linda ‚Äď

A professional photographer turned interior designer, turned smartphone educator.

Despite my 25+ years as a professional photographer, I battled with dreadful smartphone photos...seriously, bad, cringe inducing images!

But after relentless dedication to perfecting smartphone techniques, I'm here to assist YOU in capturing stunning, professional-quality photos using just your smartphone. It's easier than you think!


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From our friends

"Linda's Smartphone photography course is a MUST for interior designers-worth every penny!!

Linda explains everything in plain English with great examples.  She is born to teach and extremely helpful with any questions. I have transformed my photography!"

Janet Lorusso | JRL Interiors

"Before Linda's course, I was in a holding pattern as I did not have the budget for professional photography.

Linda's smartphone photography course gave me the tools to beautifully capture and expertly edit my photos. How incredibly enabling and rewarding".

Fiona Grunwald | Design by Conway llc

"I highly recommend Linda's  Android Photography for lnterior Designers course. I used my personal bathroom remodel as a case study. Being able to go back to the various modules was invaluable. When I got stuck, Linda gave me feedback on both the photography and the editing. l'm thrilled with the final results."

Avril Martin | The Silver Lining


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Super charge your photography skills with one on one coaching. Hire me to edit your photos, book me to speak at your conference or have me teach a smartphone class to your group.


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Five smartphone tips to achieve magazine worthy interior photos

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