Do you have a short term rental?

Do you want to save money by photographing it yourself and own the copyright to the images?

How to photograph your STR using your smartphone

Use your phone to create professional looking listing photos

I'm ready!

When you photograph your STR yourself

You will....

  • Not spend money on hiring a professional photographer

  •  You will own the copyright of the images 

  •  You can easily update your listing photos as needed

Why are your STR listing photos important?

"You have three seconds to stop the scroll and grab someone's attention with your listing photos." AirBNB

"Good listing photos generate up to 40% more in income than poor quality photos." AirBNB



Saving hundreds of dollars by photographing your listing with your smartphone

A professional STR photographer can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

For a small fraction of that expense you can learn how to photograph it yourself


Shooting beautiful listing photos that will stop the scroll 

After completing the course you will be have all the knowledge to create beautiful listing photos so your rental will stand out among all the others in your area.

The better your listing photos, the more high quality bookings

More bookings=More $$$$

Owning the copyright so you can share the photos wherever you want

As the law stands, if you don't take the photos, you don't own the photos.

Don't get caught up in a legal battle with a listing site or the photographer who took the photos. Take your own photos and own them outright


Hi there!

My name is Linda Holt and I am an interior designer and the owner of Linda Holt Creative. However, before becoming a designer, I was a professional photographer for over twenty five years.

Over the past few years I have permanently retired my heavy DSLR cameras and now I shoot exclusively with my iPhone and Samsung phone....


As an avid traveler and frequent guest of short term rentals myself, I've come across countless cringe-worthy listing photos. Think dark, blurry shots taken from all the wrong angles.


That's precisely why I decided to channel my smartphone photography expertise into creating this course. If you're a short term rental owner yearning for more bookings and top-notch renters, you've come to the right place. It all starts with those listing photos and I've got your back.


What's in the Course? 

You'll receive the following four Modules...


The three types of shots you need to capture

  • What are they and how to use them in your listing
  • The difference between STR photos and real estate photos
  • Best practices for your listing photos-What order? How many?


The best angles for your photos

  • When to use One Point vs. Two Point composition (and what that means!)
  • How to hold/position the phone for the best outcome
  • How to get straight lines 


Optimal lighting for your photos

  • The best time of the day to shoot your STR
  • Turn interior lighting challenges into lighting wins
  • Step by step instructions on how to set up and use supplemental lights 


Photo styling for your STR

  • What factors to consider when styling
  • How to use styling to tell a story
  • Use branded styling items to stand out

What's My Investment?

For a fraction of what it costs to hire a professional you can learn to shoot your STR yourself. Take control over your listing photos and OWN the images copyright!

STR Photography COURSE


Single Payment Only

  • The three types of shots you need
  • The best angles for your photos
  • How to achieve optimal lighting for your listing photos
  • How to setup and use supplemental lighting
  • How to style your STR
  • Downloadable photo and styling  checklists
STr Photography COURSE


Buy my course risk free!

You have a 30 day refund guarantee if, after completing the modules, you feel it was not worth your investment. SO...You have nothing to lose other than bad listing photos.

Kind Words from Our Friends

"Wow!! It made such a difference in my photography! And it wasn’t just about was also giving me different perspective on what and how to shoot to make the pictures more interesting."


Signature Home Services

"I loved this course! All the information was delivered in easy to understand bits that I have been able to apply right away. Thank you Linda!"


Allyson Paris Design

"Linda’s Smartphone photography course is a MUST - worth every penny! She explains everything you need to know in plain English with great examples. She is born to teach and extremely helpful with any questions you might have. I’ve learned so much."


JRL Interiors

Still have questions?


STR Photography COURSE


Single Payment Only

  • The three types of shots you need
  • The best angles for your photos
  • How to achieve optimal lighting of your photos
  • How to set up and use supplemental lighting
  • How to style your STR
  • Downloadable photo and styling checklists
STr Photography COURSE