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 Better iPhone Photography

 It's easier than you think!

YES! I want to take better iPhone pics!

Whether you want to…


✓ Capture moments to hang on the wall in your home 

âś“ Be the envy of social media with a professional-looking Instagram feed, OR

âś“ Just get pictures of your kids that aren't blurry


It's all possible using just your iPhone!

The problem?


Your iPhone doesn't come with a guide about optimizing the settings - or even discovering "hidden" features that allow you to take stunning photos with confidence and ease.


That's where I come in...


Linda Holt

Hi, I’m Linda Holt,

I'm a professional photographer - turned  Interior Designer - turned Smartphone Photography educator!

My goal is to help everyone understand just how easy it is to take better photos using only your iphone!

You won't need a bunch of complicated editing software or additional phone attachments to take high-quality photos my way. 

I keep it simple, and the results are remarkable. 

I've made it my job to understand how Smartphones can take professional-looking photos. And I've distilled my 9 years (yes - I bought my first iPhone in 2014) of Smartphone photography experience into a very focused online course to help you take better photos. 

In this hands-on, action-driven program, you'll start to get results within minutes of starting the first module! 

What others are saying...

Lois Rapiel

"Linda…this entire course is such a game-changer, especially for us tech-challenged students. You are a great teacher! Thank you for helping me reconnect with a long-time passion. Now I can have fun with my new iPhone!"

Deborah Main

"Linda is an awesome teacher and her photography class is so well organized. Starting with the very first module I learned features about my iphone that I didn’t even realize existed! I highly recommend her course!"

YES! I want to take better iPhone pics!

Check it out!

Module 1

Module One: The hidden features of the iPhone camera

  • It's the manual you never received.
  • Discover special features you may not know!
  • Covering iPhone generations 10, 11, 12, and the iPhone 13.
Module 2

Module Two: Photo composition

  • The correct way to hold the camera - yes, it matters!
  • How to get your lines straight
  • Understanding the rule of thirds
  • How to use leading lines
  • The importance of having a clearly defined subject or focal point
MOdule 3

Module Three: Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element to great photos! Let's simplify it!
You'll discover the different types of light and learn which one is best for you.

  • How to optimize photos in different types of light
  • How to get beautiful night photography
  • There is no "bad" lighting
Module 5

Module Four: Photographing People and Selfies

  • How to get beautiful portraits in all situations
  • What to avoid when shooting portraits and selfies 
  • Tips for video conferencing and facetime


Only $147 for this easy-to-follow course

full of my very best tips and techniques, streamlined for your convenience!

I'm ready to make my pics look pro!


Bonus Class: iPhone Editing Made Easy 

No complicated photoshop editing is needed here! Instead, I'll share my TWO favorite editing apps. You'll discover why you should edit to elevate the quality of your pics.
And, there is a brief tutorial on how to use Snapseed and TouchRetouch to edit your work.
I believe in producing great photos within minutes, not with hours of extensive editing work. You'll be amazed how quickly you can turn out high-quality images!



In this hands-on, action-driven course, you'll start to get results within minutes of starting Module One. 

Within this program, you'll discover:


Learn to take amazing photographs of your work
(Without investing in expensive equipment or spending months learning how to use that equipment)

Immediately improve your images
(Even if you only apply a little bit of what you learn here)

Take quality photos quickly during a design project
(Avoid the expense of hiring a professional photographer for behind the scenes photos and vignettes.)

Attract clients with high quality shots of your projects
(Stop worrying about ugly photos!)

Gain respect as a must-hire interior designer
(Spend less time advertising and more time generating referral business)

Save thousands of dollars by photographing your own work
(Hire the professional only for the complicated shots you can't get on your own)

I'm ready to take better pictures!

Get the best of my

photography experience in

one easy-to-follow course!

Better iPhone Photography

$197 $147

One Payment

Take your BEST iPhone photos now!

  • The hidden features of the iPhone camera
  • Discover photo composition
  • Lowdown on lighting
  • Photograph your best selfies and portraits
  • BONUS Class: Editing

Buy my course risk free!

I offer a 30 day refund guarantee if, after completing all the modules, you feel it was not worth your investment. SO...You have nothing to lose other than bad cellphone photos.