How to become your own professional photographer even if you know nothing about photography

Unlock the power of your smartphone camera

YES! I want to take amazing photos of my work

How to become your own professional photographer even if you know nothing about photography

Unlock the power of your smartphone camera

YES! I want to take amazing photos of my work

Calling Interior designers, architects and home stagers 


How much is hiring another photographer costing you?

 Are you a new designer home stager or architect without the budget to hire a professional? 

Do you want photos for social media of the bedroom you just decorated, but it's not worth paying a professional for such a small job?

 Do you live in a part of the country where there are no interior photographers...and the wedding/portrait/real estate photographers you've hired have disappointed you? Well, you can't afford to wait!

What designers are saying about Smartphone Photography for Interior Designers

"When Linda first released her smartphone photography class I didn't want to invest the money. BIG Mistake!

After paying a "professional" to photograph my work, and once again being unhappy with the results. I finally broke down and purchased her course. After only a couple modules in, I realized this course is underpriced and worth at least $2000 or more! I am now photographing all my own work and I am able to edit like a pro."

Lori Carpenter
Lori Carpenter Design

"When Linda came out with her class...I bought it immediately! 

Wow!! It made such a difference in my photography!  And it wasn't just about technique...It was also giving me different perspectives on what to shoot to make the pictures more interesting."

Robin Burrill
Signature Home Services

Linda's Smartphone class is 10 times worth it. I've learned so much from Linda and her style of teaching is phenomenal! I especially appreciated all the physical demonstrations she included as part of her teaching methodology. Hands down, the best course I have taken on this topic and the best investment I made all year in my business!"

- Morosi White-Accent design and Interior


Let's elevate your image quality to:

  • Become Your Own Professional Photographer, saving $$$
  • Full ownership and instant access to your images
  • Own the copyright to your images
  • Attract more clients

This course is created for iPhone and Android (Samsung and Google Pixel) users who have limited or no formal photography training.

Imagine being able to... 

 Capture your own design photos and own your copyright. Use your photography budget for something else (hello travel!) or hire the Pro only occasionally for those more challenging shots.

Imagine having instant access to your more waiting for days or weeks to receive your images.

Attract new clients with stellar social media images and gain respect among your colleagues

Get Instant Access Now

Hey there!

I'm Linda Holt.


A photographer - turned interior designer - turned smartphone photography educator

After being told I could no longer use my heavy DSLR camera due to spinal issues, I picked up the smartphone.

Even though I was an experienced professional photographer, my smartphone photos were TERRIBLE!

I looked everywhere for guidance without success. After months of practice and experimentation I finally cracked the code to get stellar smartphone photos that rivaled my previous DSLR photos....And now...

I created the course I WISH was available when I was trying to get professional looking photos using my smartphone 

Smartphone Photography For Interior Designers will give you...

  1. Confidence as a photographer

    You'll supercharge your photography once you learn to unlock all the hidden features of your phone and follow the course module lessons.

  2.  Copyright ownership of your images

    Never worry about copyright infringement again when you take your own photos. Remember, if you don't TAKE the photo, you don't OWN the photo!

  3. Instant access to your images

    No more waiting days or weeks for edited images from your hired photographer. Shoot, edit and post on your own time line!

More Happy Students!

"Linda's Smartphone Photography class is a MUST for interior designers-worth every penny! She explains everything you need to know from camera features and settings to composition, lighting and editing. 

She is born to teach and extremely helpful with any questions you might have. I've learned so much and have put it all into practice!"

Janet Lorusso

JLR Interiors

"I recently finished Linda's photography class and can't wait to show off my new images. I learned so much about my new phone and it's capabilities.

Linda expertly walked us through the modules, where she shared her vast experience and knowledge with clarity. The modules were not too long so each lesson could be thoroughly absorbed."

Gina Pardoe
Gina Pardoe Designs

"Loved the course, Linda! The editing section was especially helpful for me. I loved seeing exactly how you manipulated the apps.Great case studies too!" I never thought it possible but I'm taking all my own interior photos now. I love knowing I own the copyright and can use my photos as I like.

Carla Aston
Designed with Carla Aston

Course Highlights

Imagine posting a scroll stopping image that you captured on Instagram – or

Publishing a beautiful image on your website that your future client sees!


Interior Photography

Understand what makes for good composition, angles and lighting to get portfolio worthy interior shots.

Discover the best time to schedule your shoot and how to use supplemental lights when there isn't enough light.

Edit Like A Pro

Watch step by step instructions to transform your interior design images into portfolio worthy images.

No complicated editing software required. Do it all right on your phone!

Master Hidden Features

Take full advantage of all the hidden features of your phone. iPhone, Samsung and Pixel are covered. Understand burst photos, HDR, Live photos and Night Mode.

All these amazing features are available to help you get stellar images.

Yes! I want to buy the course NOW!

Here's what you'll get in Smartphone Photography For Interior Designers...


1. Seven photography training modules, each containing multiple bite-sized videos ranging from 5-15 minutes.

2. Two Bonus Classes sold on my website separately for $147 each (a $294 value)

3. A private Facebook Group for students for continued support (priceless!)


  • Set up your smartphone camera for everyday use
  • Discover your camera's hidden features
  • iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel phones are covered


  • Learn the basic rules of good composition
  • Understand how to ensure the viewer's eye goes where you want for maximum impact and engagement
  • When to use One Point vs. Two Point composition


  • Understand the different types of light and how it affects your photo
  • Overcome the challenges of photographing a dark room
  • Learn how to control the lighting for optimal photos


  • The important "before" photos
  • Styling do's and don'ts
  • What shots to capture 


  • The three steps to follow to achieve stunning table setting shots
  •  Best lighting for table top shots
  • Understand the best angles to capture beautiful table top images


  • Best angles and lighting for flat lays
  • Three ways to photograph small products for e-commerce
  • How to photograph artwork


  • The only two apps you'll need to take your photos from good to great
  • Step by step video instructions on how to use them



Continued Support By Me (priceless!)

  • Join our private Facebook group
  • Get answers to burning questions
  • Feedback on your images
  • It's like having Linda in your back pocket 



How To Photograph Window Treatments  $147

  • How to use your smartphone like a digital camera
  • Get your lines straight
  • Master the lighting
  • 3 Pro tips for photographing window treatments
  • My favorite editing apps


 Selfies, Group photos, Branding Headshots


  • The most flattering poses
  • How to avoid the "mug shot" look
  • Master the lighting
  • Preparing for your branding headshot photo shoot


$597 plus $294 of bonus classes AND membership in a private FB group for ONLY $497.00!!

This investment in your business is only a fraction of what it costs to hire a professional photographer even for a single day ($3k PLUS in my area)

After completing this course you will have the knowledge and skill to take control of your photography and most importantly...own the copyright to your images.


$891 $497

Take your BEST images now!

  • Master your phone's hidden features
  • Discover photo composition
  • Lowdown on lighting
  • Best practices for Interior photography to rock your portfolio
  • How to photograph dark spaces
  • Three tips for stunning table top shots
  • Editing Basics
PLUS Two additional classes!!!
  • Photograph window treatments like a pro
  • Head shots, selfies and group portraits
I want the course!

Buy my course risk free!

I offer a 30 day refund guarantee if, after completing all seven modules and two bonus classes, you feel it was not worth your investment. SO...You have nothing to lose other than bad cellphone photos.


I'm ready to be my own professional photographer!


$891 $497.00

Take your BEST images now!

  • Master your phone's hidden features
  • Discover photo composition
  • Lowdown on lighting
  • Best practices for Interior photography to rock your portfolio
  • How to photograph dark spaces
  • Follow three tips for stunning table top shots
  • Editing Basics
PLUS two additional classes!!!
  • Photograph window treatments like a pro
  • Head shots, seflies and group portraits
I want the course!