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Imagine finishing a gorgeous interior design project, or you return from a trip and you want to post scroll-stopping photos on social media...and your photos are-


The best part is you didn't have to pay a professional photographer and you can use image after image- without worrying about copyright infringement! 

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Smartphone Photography for Interior Designers

Transform the way your images look. Go from lack luster images to pictures you are proud to post on your website! Introducing an exclusive smartphone photography class, designed uniquely for YOU. Created by a seasoned photographer-turned-interior designer, this course understands your distinct needs like no other. 

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Travel Photography with the Smartphone

Have you ever scrolled through travel photos and thought, “Mine never turn out like that!”? Or said, “My photo doesn’t do it justice”? I will unlock the secrets of your smartphone so your memories will be the envy your friends.

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Better iPhone Photos

Unleash the True Power of Your iPhone! Uncover those elusive camera features you never knew existed. Master the nuances of composition, tap into the magic of lighting, and capture candid moments with finesse in people photography. Elevate your iPhone snaps from good to breathtakingly stunning.

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How to Photograph Your Rental with Your Smartphone

Make your listing photos leap out from the crowd and grab those potential renters' attention! Tailored with STR owners in mind, this course equips you with the tools to create photos that not only showcase the charm of your space but also make viewers eager to book. So, grab your smartphone, and turn your STR into a “stop the scroll” listing!

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Mini Courses

Short on time, but want to master one specific topic?

Check out these Mini Courses below.


Attention workrooms and designers! Unlock the secrets to stunning imagery with “How to Photograph Window Treatments Using the Smartphone." Learn the tricks of mastering complicated backlighting and finding the best camera angles. Whether it's drapes, blinds, or shades, ensure each piece gets the spotlight it deserves.

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Dive into "How to Photograph Flat Lays, Small Products and Artwork" and uncover the secrets to perfect composition and lighting. Whether it's crafting Instagram-worthy flat lays, showcasing small products for your website or photographing artwork, this course has the tips and tricks to make your images truly shine!

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Imagine your photos being the envy of all your friends and family. From perfecting perspective to enhancing image quality and seamlessly removing any unwanted objects, this class has you covered. Get ready to transform your photos from 'just okay' to 'jaw-dropping' with a few simple taps and swipes!

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This course will giving you tips for composing your vignette, lighting your vignette and vignette ideas to try at home. Grab your PDF full of styling ideas- including recommended props to use for portfolio worthy images.

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What you can expect to find in your

Course or Mini-Course 

  • In depth video tutorials given by Linda Holt
  • Updates on new smartphone features
  • Availability to get questions answered by email


"I learned features about my phone that I didn’t even realize existed" 

Linda is an awesome teacher and her class is so well organized. I keep going back to the modules as they are so jammed pack with info, tips and “how to’s”. I can’t recommend this class enough!!

Deborah Main

The Pillow Goddess

"Wow! Linda's Photography class has made such a difference in my photos! "

The class is so much more than just about also gave me different perspectives on what and how to shoot to make the pictures more interesting

Robin Burrill

Signature Home Services

"Linda's Smartphone class is 10 times worth it. I learned so much from Linda and her style of teaching is phenomenal!"

I especially appreciated all the physical demonstrations she includes. Hands down, the best course I have taken on this subject and the best investment I made all year in my business!

Morosi White

Accent design and Interior

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