The Latest from High Point Market: Seven Trends Shaping the Future of Interior Design

interior design trends for 2024

As a seasoned observer of the ever-evolving world of interior design, my recent visit to the High Point Furniture Market was nothing short of inspiring. It’s always exhilarating to witness firsthand the creative pulse of the industry. This year, the trends were as bold as they were beautiful, signaling a vibrant future for home decor. Here’s my take on the seven standout trends that caught my eye.

1. Embracing Curves: The Softening of Furniture Silhouettes

One trend that immediately stood out was the continued shift towards rounded silhouettes and softer edges in furniture. Gone are the days of rigid lines and sharp angles. Designers are embracing curves, bringing a sense of fluidity and comfort to living spaces. This trend resonates with a growing desire for coziness and sanctuary in our homes – a response, perhaps, to the angularity of our digital lives.

Rounded chairs give the impression of hugging the sitter keeping them safe and cocooned. Some more than others!

Rounded edges were EVERYWHERE! Not only for upholstery but for tables and accessories as well.

2. The Return of Ornamentation: Embellishments Galore

In a delightful nod to the intricate, furniture this season is adorned with embellishments like trim, fringe, and thick cording. This decorative resurgence is a move toward the traditional and away from minimalism, inviting a more personalized and eclectic aesthetic. Each piece of furniture becomes a statement, reflecting the individuality of its owner.

I had posted some of the fringe furniture previously on IG and received some pretty funny comments from cat owners. It was the leather fringe and the horse hair fringe in the two photos below that drew the most comments.

3. Granny Chic: A Modern Twist on Classic Styles

There’s a charming resurgence of ‘Granny Chic’ – think skirts and ruffles on upholstery, breathing new life into traditional designs. This trend, a blend of nostalgia and modernity, offers a whimsical yet sophisticated take on comfort and style. It’s as if we’re rediscovering the elegance of the past through a contemporary lens.

 Lot's of different types of skirts, ruffled, pleated, and flat.

 4. Illuminating Art: Statement Lighting Takes Center Stage

Lighting has transcended its functional role to become a form of art. Dramatic, bold lighting fixtures aren’t just illuminating rooms; they’re defining them. This year, designers are using lighting as a focal point, much like a striking piece of art, transforming the ambiance of a space with a flick of a switch.

Sculptural and irregular shapes were very on trend as were cluster pendants. The hanging pendants on the right below were constructed with tiny seashells.

Metal, blown glass and intricate wood are all on trend going into 2024.

Materials stretched way beyond the expected and organic materials such as shells, fibers, macrame  and feathers were all seen in lighting.

5. Tailored to Taste: The Rise of Customization

The ‘have it your way’ approach is in full swing, with customization options more abundant than ever. From fabric choices to unique finishes, the ability to personalize furniture is a celebration of individual taste. This trend underscores a broader shift in consumer preferences towards items that reflect personal style and uniqueness.

Benjamin Johnston's collection of Chaddock is fully a customizable allowing the designer to play with the scale, finish, color and details.

Thibaut allows you to choose any of their fabrics to customize a Dunes and Duchess table.

Splashworks allows the ability to use your own artwork on almost any of their products and these acoustical panels was one of my favorite finds!

6. Desert Hues: Warm and Spicy Color Palettes

The color palette of the season draws inspiration from the Southwest, featuring warm and spicy tones. These hues evoke the vast desert landscape, bringing an earthy and comforting ambiance to interiors. It’s a color story that’s both grounding and invigorating, offering a palette that’s refreshingly different from the cooler tones of previous years.

This art piece below sums up the on trend colors Fall High Point Market. 

Even though both Sherwin Williams and Ben Moore chose hues of Blue as their color of the year, I saw very little Blue in the showrooms.

Another display, also in an art showroom was another representation of the majority of the hues.

I spotted very little bright or intense colors. Mostly muted spicy tones.

These warm spicy colors are the same hues I saw at Spring Market but they were even more plentiful at Fall Market.

 7. Designer Collaborations: The Power of Partnership

The market was abuzz with exciting designer brand collaborations, showcasing the power of creative minds coming together. Each collaboration offered a unique fusion of individual style with brand ethos, resulting in collections that were both innovative and deeply personal.

Denise McGaha’s partnership with Vervain focused on her love of Texas and her country upbringing.

Shayla Copeless debuted a new collection with Ambella Home. Refined and lux, it is a perfect reflection of Shayla's lifestyle brand.

I went to Shayla's showroom debut but it was so crowded that I couldn't get a single shot of her new line. Luckily I was able to grab a couple images off her site.

Denise and Shayla were just two of dozens of designer collaborations. It's such an exciting time to be a designer when you can bring your vision to life not only by choosing the products but by designing them too!

In Conclusion: A Reflection of Our Times

As I wandered through the displays and exhibitions at High Point, it struck me how these trends are more than just aesthetic choices. They’re a reflection of our times – a response to the world around us. The shift towards softer furniture forms and comforting colors speaks to our collective need for comfort and solace in our personal spaces. The resurgence of embellishments and the embrace of granny chic styles reflect a yearning for connection to the past and its craftsmanship.

Customization and designer collaborations highlight the growing desire for personalization and unique expression in our living spaces. And statement lighting as art? It’s a bold declaration that our homes are canvases for creativity and self-expression.

In every rounded edge, in every bold color, in each meticulously designed piece, there’s a story being told – a narrative of resilience, adaptability, and the enduring power of beauty. As I left High Point, I felt reassured that the world of interior design is not just keeping pace with the times but is boldly leading the way in shaping how we express ourselves in the places we call home.

Photography has taught me that it's not just about capturing what you see, but how you see it. In the same way, these trends are not just about furniture; they're about perspectives, preferences, and personalities. As we look to the future, I’m excited to see how these trends will unfold and evolve, continuing to shape our homes and, in turn, our lives.