Let me help you

fix your photos! 

We all have those photos

Yes, I am talking about the images from the amazing event where the lighting wasn't *ideal* shall we say?

BUT, the event is something you want to remember, or worse, post about on Instagram or your website!

don't worry!

I will have those looking their best in no time!

who am i?

Hey there!

I'm Linda Holt.

A photographer - turned interior designer - turned smartphone photography educator

After taking (too many!) bad photos on my smartphone, I took a deep dive into applying my professional photography skills to the phone! 

I'm here to help you get the best pictures from your phone, with the least pain possible!



Before and Afters


  • Perspective problems

  • White balance is off

  • Light and dark reflections on marble wall

  • Plant and stand too dark


  • Color corrected

  • Perspective fixed

  • Light reflections eliminated

  • Plant stand lightened and brightened


  • Perspective problems

  • White balance is off

  • Too dark

  • Low contrast


  • Color corrected

  • Perspective fixed

  • Lightened and brightened

  • Saturation boosted


I'm not a magician🪄


What I CAN do

  • Fix exposure-lighten or darken
  • Fix color balance
  • Remove distracting objects such as light cords, electrical outlets or something distracting in the background.
  • Straighten architectural and horizon lines
  • Boost contrast or vibrancy
  • Crop for best final image
  • Clean up faces by softening lines or removing blemishes

What I CAN'T do

  • Turn a very poor quality photo into a great photo.
  • Add in things that were not originally in the photo such as furniture or accessories
  • Change the colors of things in the room.
  • I will not sift through dozens of photos and choose my favorite(s). Please send only images that you would like retouched.
  • I will not read through multiple pages of editing instructions. Pointing out a few things you would like fixed is fine. Most images are turned around within 24 hours


Allow me to leverage my 25 years of experience as a photographer to help you fix your images!

I can help

$25 per image

  • Improve image quality
  • Straighten Lines
  • Correct White Balance
  • Removal of any unwanted small objects
  • Quick Turnaround

*Once you pay, you will receive directions on how to submit the image. Turnaround time is usually 2-4 days.*


Questions about Editing?

Fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.