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design questions answered

If you are someone who enjoys decorating or are planning a renovation on your home, I have a valuable tool to share with you today. I know it’s a useful because I use it myself. If you are on Pinterest I invite you to “follow” my board called Design FYI. It’s my most “followed” board and you can follow it HERE.  I have created this board over the years and find it a great resource to answer so many different design questions.

Window treatments

One of the pins on my Design DIY board that I often refer to is this one below showing different drapery pleats. As a designer, I know the difference between Euro pleats,inverted pleats and pinched pleats but my client’s don’t. All I have to do is pull up this graphic from my Design FYI board and it makes it so much easier to explain.

drapery pleat schematic

Design terms

Interested in understanding some designer “speak”? I have a pin for that. I find that my clients are usually familiar with the style of something but don’t necessarily know the correct term attached to the style. If we are discussing sofas all I have to do is pull up the sofa shapes explained pin. This is an easy way to show what what a chesterfield sofa looks like vs. a tuxedo sofa or a camelback.

diagram of sofa styles

Styling ideas

Looking for styling ideas on how to decorate above your cabinets?  Check out this pin from my friend Carla Aston for some great styling tips.

How to decorate above a cabinet

By the numbers

Another frequently asked question I often get is about dimensions. “How much space should be between the sofa and coffee table”? Another one is “How tall should my end table be next to my sofa”? Well there is a Pin for that!

dimensions for space planning

How to do something

Also on the board are instructional DIY videos such as how to refinish furniture.

How to refinish furniture

There is another helpful video from designer Sarah Richardson on how to transition floor materials in your home.

As I was finishing up this post the the funniest coincidence happened. My client called me to say her electrician was there hanging a chandelier and she wanted to know how high to hang it. I talked her through it but guess what, there is a Pin for that!  lighting size and placement guide. 

lighting size guide 

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