Is this "art"?

Street art

There is a video that recently went viral showing Joshua Bell, a world class violinist playing in the NYC subway system. Bell is one of the most celebrated and gifted musicians of our time but because he was out of context people just walked by as he played and gave little notice.

Recently, I walked into a modern art show at a Boston gallery. There was a drill and a tool belt laying on the floor directly below an installation hanging on the wall. I looked at it for the longest time trying to decide if it was part of the exhibit or just left there temporarily by a worker. 

Can art be simple everyday objects?  Is this image looking down at a coastal abstract a spectacular work of art?

Look at the colors, the textures and the complexity of layers. To me it is a masterpiece…what do you think?  Is it art?

What about this image of a floorcloth being painted?

Have you given any thought to what is “art” and “not art”. Does the "art" have to be in a museum or gallery to give it authenticity and make it worthy of being called art?

Does Joshua Bell only have value when he is performing in concert and people have paid for his performance?

 In my opinion, art can be, and is, absolutely everywhere. We don’t have to be at a museum or art gallery to “see” art. I challenge you to look for art in the everyday. Use your smartphone to capture art that others passed right by.