Are you struggling to get magazine worthy window treatment photos?

How to Photograph Window Treatments with the Smartphone

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Learn the composition and lighting secrets of getting high quality photos of window treatments

What you'll learn in this class

No fluff! I dive right into the training, sharing practical tips and actions to apply immediately for stellar results!


Best angles for window treatments

When to shoot straight on and when an angle is best



How to master the lighting

How to control the lighting and get good shots even in "bad" lighting situations

Determining the best time of day to schedule your shoot


How to conquer perspective problems 

Get straight lines every shoot with these easy to follow tips


Get ready to improve your photos with...

Photographing window treatments

Two easy to follow training videos you can watch on your own schedule.


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After watching two short videos you'll feel more confident....

#1 Mastering exposure and focus

Use your smartphone like a DSLR camera to perfect lighting and exposure

#2 Controling the lighting

Perfect lighting everytime by following these simple instructions

#3 Achieving straight lines

Eliminate or reduce perspective problems with these easy to follow tips

What previous students had to say

I attended one of Linda’s master classes and I was blown away with the clarity and depth of her class content. I walked away with great tips and tricks to take amazing photos and improve my photography skill set."

Riddhi Patel- LuminaRi Interiors

"Linda is born teacher and extremely helpful with any questions. I've learned so much that I have put into practice."

Janet Larusso-JRL Interiors


Get ready to immediately improve your window treatment images...

How to photograph window treatments with the smartphone

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How to Photograph Window Treatments with the Smartphone


Take your photos from meh to great!

  • Learn how to guarantee straight lines in your photo
  • How to use your smartphone like a DSLR camera
  • Perfect lighting everytime with these easy to follow tips
  • Tips when the lighting is "bad"
  • The important final step for stellar photos

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