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High Point Market insiders tour Fall 2019

Hello friends. It's been awhile since I've written a post but I have a good reason for my silence. I have been hard at work creating my soon to be released iphone photography class for interior designers. It has been a labor of love but man, what a huge amount of...

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Using sea grass carpet in a basement: My cautionary tale

Today I am revealing a huge design fail and a cautionary tale of using sea grass carpet in a basement. Sea grass carpet is so popular right now and for good reason. It's a natural product, wears like iron,  and is almost impervious to stains. We had a sea grass carpet...

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High Point Market Trends: Fall 2018 part 3

 2018 Interior design trends from High Point Market part three. If you missed part one and two you can catch up below:  Color Trends from Fall High Point Market         2. Market Trend Report Report Part One Today I want to highlight three additional trends that I...

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One room challenge week 5: Master bedroom makeover

Tick tock, tick tock....It's the final count down.I feel like I just got going but here we are at the One Room Challenge week 5. Three...more...days. That's how much time I have before my photo shoot. As I type this I am still waiting for the dresser, the bed sheets,...

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High Point market trends Fall 2018

This is part two of my High Point market trends report. If you missed part one, my color trend report, you can read that HERE. I am the type of person who often needs time to process what I have seen after attending a trade show. It is so overwhelming when going show...

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One Room Challenge Week 4: Upgrading from builder basic

It's crunch time now at the One Room Challenge week 4. I am at the point where I can't tell if I'm in okay shape or in serious trouble. I had several setbacks this past week but almost everything is back on track. Two items I ordered were shipped to our old apartment....

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2019 color trends from High Point Furniture Market

Hello everyone, I'm back from the High Point Design Bloggers tour. It was a fabulous few days and I have so much to share with you! I plan to write several Market trend reports but I always like to start out with my favorite topic, COLOR. This first post is dedicated...

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One Room Challenge Fall 2018 week one

Hello friends. Today's the day so many have been waiting for. It's the kick off of the One Room Challenge Fall 2018. This is the day that twenty featured designers commit to transforming a room in six short weeks. Tomorrow, hundreds more join in on the challenge and...

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One Room Challenge Fall 2018

A few months ago the local news had a story about a Massachusetts lottery winner. The woman had won a million dollars on a scratch ticket. That in itself is pretty amazing but that wasn't even the full story. That same woman had also won a million dollars just a month...

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Downsizing and letting go of family memorabilia

In the past fourteen months time we have gone from a 3,500 sq ft home to a 1,100 sq ft rental apartment and in ten days we move into our new 1,800 sq ft condo. It has been a lot of packing, selling, and donating. Downsizing is hard, plain and simple. I don't care how...

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