What's your photo personality...Are You a Hunter or a Fisherman?

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Have you ever thought about your photography style? I recently sat in on a photography masterclass and the presenter spoke about two types of photography styles: A hunter and a fisherman (or fisherwoman if you prefer).

The Hunter

The hunter is the photographer who keeps their phone in their pocket until they “see” something compelling enough to pull out their camera and take the shot. This style is much like an actual hunter who keeps their gun down until they spot their prey.

Here is an example. While sitting in my car waiting for the light to change, I spotted a cluster of birds, all facing the same direction on the light wire. I grabbed my phone, pointed and shot. In this case I was a hunter.

Another example of a hunter type photography style is this rainbow photo. This shot is not something I could have set up or planned for. Again, I spotted the photo, grabbed my camera, pointed and shot.

The Fisherman

The fisherman however, has a different approach and photography style. The fisherman imagines a potential image and then patiently waits until the image that they envision, unfolds in front of them. This is a slower way to photograph and it takes much more patience.

While visiting an art museum I thought it would make a interesting photo if someone was standing in front of this large painting of a face, by the artist Chuck Close.

I stood in wait (fishing) for at least fifteen minutes until I had the photo that I imagined ahead of time.

Here is another example. While out walking in Boston, I saw this art installation of two clown heads between two buildings.

Initially, I approached the shot as a hunter as I grabbed my phone and took a quick shot.

After looking at the image, I decided it would look better if a person was in the photo to give the clown heads a sense of scale.

It was at this point that I switched from being a hunter, to being a fishman. I stood across the street for quite awhile before someone walked by. Even though it was cold, I was patient, knowing I wanted to capture the image with a person.

Much to my delight, my patience paid off. Not only did I get two people walking by, but their jackets were the same colors as the clown heads!

Had I not sit in wait, like a fisherman, I would never had captured the photo I wanted.

The masterclass speaker pointed out that most professional photographers are fisherman with a little hunter on the side.

Most amateurs though, default into being hunters only. If this is you, then I encourage you to give fishing some thought. It does takes patience and time but can produce some very unique images.

Let me know in the comments below what photography style are you?

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