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My favorite smartphone photo editing app

Do you have a favorite smartphone photo editing app? I do and use it on almost every photo before posting to social media. Editing is so important...

High Point Market Insider Tour


What is the High Point Market Insider’s Tour?

The High Point Market Insider’s Tour is specifically for new buyers or those who...

Best NYC Christmas photo locations

Visiting NYC during Christmas time has been on my bucket list for years. I don’t know why we hadn’t done it before but last weekend we...

How to Photograph Christmas decor using a smartphone

The holidays are such a great time to get lots of beautiful photos of our home’s decorated interiors. Getting the lighting right and a good...

How to get great snow photos with your phone

One of the prettiest parts of winter is pristine, freshly fallen snow. Taking photos of snow however, especially with a phone, can be challenging....

Five questions to ask yourself to become a better photographer

I’m sure you’ve heard the joke about the old man who tells his grandkids “when I was a kid I had to walk ten miles to school, in...

A designer's guide to photographing an interior

Photographing interiors is both a time commitment and an expense. As decorators and designers though, it’s so important that our portfolio...

Signature Kitchen Suite True to Food Tour in Napa

Last week I had one of the most special experiences of my life. I was invited to attend the Signature Kitchen Suite, True to Food Tour, in...

How to use burst mode on the iPhone

If you have ever struggled to get a decent photo of your kids or pet, burst mode might just be the answer to your problem.

My dog Nevers is...

How to find the answer to all your design questions

If you are someone who enjoys decorating or are planning a renovation on your home, I have a valuable tool to share with you today. I know...

Five tips for designers to get the better photos at High Point Market

If you are an interior designer then either you attend or have heard of High Point Market. It is a very busy week full of showroom visits,...

How to wallpaper or paint angled walls and sloped ceilings

Choosing the right wallpaper or paint color is only one challenge in a room with angled walls and sloped ceilings. For many homeowners it’s...